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Election Procedures for Calwa Recreation & Park District 

Under Public Resources Code 5784, a legislative body known as the Board of Directors is the governing board of the District. The Board consists of five members ("the Directors") each of whome shall be elected by the voters of the District in accordance with the Public Resources Code, Government Code, and Elections Code. Each Director must be a voter of the District as required by Publice Resources Code 5784 (c). 

Term of Office: Directors are elected to fixed term of FOUR YEARS commencing at noon on the first Friday in December following their election.  

Elections Procedure for Calwa Board of Directors:  

Filing deadlines in non-election years include a semi-annual and quarterly reporting period.  Filing deadlines in election years include the above, a 90-day 24-hour reporting period and two pre-election reporting periods for each election.

Local candidates and committees - file with the Fresno County Clerk’s Office.  Fresno County Campaign Ordinance Title 2, Chapter 2.62 requires elected officers, candidates, committees and controlled committees who have received contributions or make expenditures of $5,000 or more, to electronically file campaign statements using the Registrar of Voter’s online filing system.  Contact Fresno County Election’s Filing Officer at (559) 600-3044 for additional information.

City Candidates and Committees - file with your City Clerk.

State Candidates and Committees - file with the Secretary of State.

Federal Candidates and Committees – file with the Federal Elections Commission. 

To obtain a filing schedule, visit

For further details please see the Fresno County Elections Office Webiste: