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Hall Rental

Rental Costs:

$200.00 deposit (refundable if everything is left clean and or undamaged)

  1. Please allow 7-10 business days for deposit check to be processed

$85 per hour rental 

Hall Rental Includes: 

Full use of the Calwa Recreation and Park District Hall Space 

Private restroom access

Access and use of the extention hall 

8 Round Tables 

88 chairs 

3  6 foot long tables 

Hall Rental Rules/Regulations: 

Alchol is permitted but will need: 

  1. Security Guard(s) will be required if alcohol will be served; Security Contract will be asked to be submitted prior to event starting and needs to be from an establsihed security company. 
  2. Event Liability Insurance is required submitted if alchol is present during your rental. You can find affordable opitions online. 

No alchol is allowed outside of the hall. 

No children are allowed to be unattended outside during parks closed hours or after 9PM. 

Maximum length of a hall rental  is up to 9:30 PM FRI, SAT, SUN 

No overnight storage of equipment, decorations, or food will be allowed. 

No smoking is allowed oustide of the halls property or outside parking lot 

*In order to secure your parties date, you need to come into the office and process the deposit fee. We do not accept cash or debit/credit cards. Money Order, personal check, or cashiers checks are accepted.